2023: A Year of Changes

There are some big directional changes coming in my life. I’m sure some will be joyful and some will be sorrowful. I don’t know for sure what will happen, but I am thinking of taking anyone who is interested along on the journey. It might be a mistake to put my life out there for everyone to see. I stopped blogging many years ago because I realized that putting information on the interwebs for all to see can impact your personal and professional life, so censoring yourself and curating what you share is generally encouraged– yuck!

I don’t like having to worry about what other people do with the content I share or being concerned about who will use my life against me. I have come to a point in my life where knowing and truly being known seems liberating. I want to be truthful yet compassionate, both to myself and to others. I want to observe and experience things without being judgmental or prejudiced. I want to speak my piece without malice or ill-intent. I want to hear what others have to say and be open to what others have to say about my thoughts and actions (or inaction).

I am who I am. I don’t like everything about myself but I want to accept myself as I am and accept others for who they are. I might not like someone, but I don’t want to hate anyone. I want to live in a better world that I help create. I realize I can’t do that alone I need others, many others. My idea of a “better wold” is certain to be different from yours and that is perfectly fine. I want to work with you to make something better, even if I don’t like you, because if we share a common goal, I know that we can find some way to work together to move the needle, even if we both have to compromise on our ideal.

Now, just because I am willing to work with you doesn’t mean that I will not call out your bullshit. You are you and your bullshit is something that isn’t you– it doesn’t define you. I might be talking about your shit, but I am not talking about you. I believe that I can critically judge on your actions without passing judgement on you. Only you know what is in you and only you know why you say and do what you do. I don’t have to know the “whys” to disagree with the “what.”

I am a flawed human, just like the rest of us and so I don’t always meet up to my own expectations and desires for myself, yet only I can really know why that is and only I can change what needs to be changed to make that different. So, feel free to call out my bullshit– I invite it.

My ideas and actions are always available for critique and debate. However, if you want to try and tell me something about myself that only I can know, be aware, I won’t play that game. I will tell you what you “can’t” know and remind you that your are talking only out of speculation, not knowledge. You might be correct, but if you are certain about it, I will not regard it. If an opposing belief can’t be discussed or explored with the possibility of both of us changing out perspective or understanding, it isn’t worth wasting words on.

So, as I mull over the whats and whens of 2023, this old blog my come back alive. I doubt that it will return to the random musings, but rather become a more intentional exploration with a clear goal… to create something better for myself and others. Feel free to join me along the way. I have no idea if it will lead anywhere or be anything.

I do know that I am growing old and tired and that the common practice of sitting on the sidelines just critiquing others has no appeal to me. The interwebs and social media is stuffed full of that garbage and I don’t intend to add to the worthless blather and non-constructive criticisms that have no real action behind the words.

Who knows? Lets see…