So, God Made the Farmer…

Well, I felt I needed to weigh in on the Super Bowl last night, or more interestingly the commercials. My favorite comercial was, “So, God made the farmer” by Monsanto. There is nothing like the voice of Paul Harvey to make the poisoning of the masses and the raping of the farmers sound sexy. Wait, […]

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I Don’t Think a Tithe Is What You Think It Is…

  My religious rant of the day– A few years ago I dug into study on the tithe that is mentioned in the Bible. Most religious Christians have grown up with an understanding of what a tithe is, but it wasn’t until I read a description of it in the Bible, that I started thinking […]

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The practice of the presence of God…

Many years ago I read a small book that had a real impact on me and changed how I viewed the Christian life, that book was ‘The Practice Of The Presence Of God‘ by Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk. Before reading that book, and during many relapses since then, my relationship with God was […]

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Cynicism and Disenfranchisement – Could Ron Paul’s Libertarian world really work?

I consider myself a Libertarian idealist. I have not always been so, but the older I get, the more I yearn for a world that is truly free. I don’t think that I am alone in having these feelings, many people that I talk to have them as well. When my brother introduced me to Ron Paul, five […]

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Yeah, I have some opinions…

I may as well admit it, I have opinions… lots and lots of opinions. In the recent past, my opinions were both and asset and a liability. Professionally, people sought my opinions… they paid me good money for them. Personally, I was a person that many people came to for advice on relationships, issues of faith and life in general. I think I got that from my dad, who was a natural problem-solver.

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Leaving things unfinished…

I am sitting in the Dallas/FW airport with Nashville, and a dozen unfinished projects, hundreds of miles behind me. Beginning this weekend I am on a two week unscripted road trip with my old buddy Avery which has no destination, for certain, other than as close as we can legally get to Area 51. This […]

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Searching for my MacGuffin…

A MacGuffin is a plot element that catches the viewers’ attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction. The MacGuffin is common in films, especially thrillers. Usually, though not always, the MacGuffin is the central focus of the film in the first act, and then declines in importance as the struggles and motivations […]

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Don’t believe the hype… brother.

Sometimes, I just have to vent a little– today just happens to be one of those times. Over the last several thousand years, the Christian church has been through hundreds of different phases. In America those phases seem to occur at a faster rate, especially in the last 50 years or so. It may be […]

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If my life were a movie, the trailer would be AWESOME…

If I was to make a movie about my life, the trailer would contain all of the real good stuff. It would probably be a coming of age story about a child who didn’t fit in, who overcame challenges and had grand adventures. I would put in all the good parts. Even the bad parts […]

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I resolve…

Well, it’s 2011 and I don’t feel different at all. 2010 was a crazy year and full of many ups and downs as well as many new any interesting experiences. Early in December I started getting reflective and thinking back over the year, hoping to distill from it some healthy and productive direction for 2011. […]

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